Growing up, I have always wanted to be able to write something and be able to share it to the world. Maybe it was because of the reading influence that my Dad has on me. My Dad used to say that “He who reads a lot, knows a lot!”  I love reading. And because of my love for reading the urge in me to be able to write something for people to read started to grow as early as my first year in high school – I was 11 years old.

I was attending a public school here in my country during high school. One of our subjects required us to have a personal journal of our everyday activities. That’s where I started to practice my writing. I write this and that, my everyday activities in school, what I have learned from one subject, what I heard from a classmate, what and how I feel that particular day, and everything else. I started writing poems and essays in my native tongue at age 12 or 13. I was just too shy to have them published although my classmates were telling me to give it a go.

On my first year in college – I was 15 – I decided to join the school’s publication. I was a contributor at first and then feature writer in English and on my last year in college, I was the publication’s Editor-in-Chief. I am not a good writer. I don’t use deep words, parables nor idioms. I am more into writing things in black and white. There are already 256 shades of grey between black and white. I think and I believe that when I start using parables and idiomatic expressions, there will start confusion of the thoughts I want to convey.  And my writing ended after graduation.

After graduation, I went back to writing just in my journal again, just for my eyes to see. Until recently, I got this feeling of wanting to share What’s on my Mind again. I have several notebooks I have filled with so much of my thoughts that I want to share to everyone, not just to my friends on Facebook. And I want to be able to do it right, that’s why I decided to join Blogging 101.

some of my journals