“Music is my Escape from the Reality I Live in.”

Music. It is a “one too many thing.” It is a hobby for some, a passion to another, a career, a thing to live for and a lot more. For me, it is everything that I have mentioned and more.

My love for music can be traced back from when I was a newborn baby. I remember the story my Dad used to tell me, that when I was a little baby, few months old he said, whenever I hear music playing, even when I am asleep he said, he’ll see me move my feet or my hands or my body as if I want to dance to the sound of the music playing in the air. Remembering Dad and his story of me made me smile. Happy memories. 🙂

I am a child of the 80s – the most colorful era for the music industry if I may say. The most popular artists/bands then if I am not mistaken were (1) Michael JacksonBad, Thriller; (2) MadonnaLike A Virgin, Like A Prayer; (3) Cyndi LauperTrue Colors, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.